What Is Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) & How it works

Discover the fascinating world of Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), a platform that empowers authors, narrators, and publishers to bring stories to life through captivating audiobooks!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite books magically transform into captivating audiobooks, ready to accompany you on your daily adventures?

Well, the answer lies within the realm of Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), an enchanting platform that bridges the gap between authors, narrators, and publishers, allowing them to create and distribute fantastic audiobook experiences for eager listeners worldwide.

If you’re curious to unlock the secrets of ACX and its wondrous impact on the literary landscape, keep reading!

What Is Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)?

Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) is an extraordinary online marketplace that harmoniously connects three essential elements of audiobook production: authors, narrators, and publishers.

Established by Audible, an Amazon company, in 2011, ACX emerged as a revolutionary platform that revolutionized the audiobook industry, conjuring a magical space where storytelling knows no bounds!

The Power of ACX for Authors

Brilliant authors from every corner of the world find solace in the comforting embrace of ACX, eager to unleash their literary creations in the captivating realm of audiobooks. But what exactly can ACX offer to these imaginative word weavers? Let’s explore:

Access to a Pool of Narrator Talents: ACX opens the floodgates to an expansive pool of narrators, each one gifted with a unique voice, eager to bring your characters to life with depth and emotion.

Flexibility of Rights and Royalties: Authors are granted the freedom to choose between two royalty options: the exclusive distribution, ensuring higher royalties, or the non-exclusive distribution, which provides more flexibility to publish elsewhere.

Audiobook Production Assistance: Fear not, for ACX guides you through the audiobook creation process, making it a breeze to transform your written masterpieces into mesmerizing narrations.

The Enchanting World of Narrators

Ah, narrators, the magical conduits who breathe life into written tales, capturing hearts with their captivating intonations! ACX is a haven for these gifted storytellers, offering them an array of opportunities to showcase their vocal prowess and create lasting audiobook enchantments:

  • Diverse Audiobook Projects: ACX presents a delightful smorgasbord of audiobook projects, ranging from heartwarming romances to spine-chilling thrillers, ensuring that narrators can explore various genres and styles.
  • Negotiating the Royalties: Narrators have the chance to negotiate their royalty rates with authors or rights holders, ensuring a fair and rewarding partnership for all parties involved.
  • Building a Stellar Portfolio: Aspiring narrators can use ACX as a stepping stone to build a captivating portfolio and gain recognition in the audiobook industry.

The Publisher’s World of Possibilities

Publishers, the masters of coordination and distribution, play a pivotal role in ACX, orchestrating the symphony of audiobook creation and bringing the magic to the eager audience. What wonders does ACX offer to these behind-the-scenes architects? Let’s find out:

  • Curating Audiobook Projects: Publishers have the privilege of exploring a vast catalog of audiobook projects, selecting the ones that align with their vision and audience preferences.
  • Collaborating with Authors and Narrators: ACX encourages seamless collaboration between publishers, authors, and narrators, ensuring a harmonious and magical production journey.
  • Global Distribution Reach: With the backing of Amazon’s Audible, publishers gain access to a vast global audience, spreading the joy of audiobooks to every corner of the world.

How Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) Works

How Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) Works

Curious about the mechanics behind the mesmerizing world of ACX? Here’s an enchanting glimpse into the magical process that transforms written tales into spellbinding audiobooks!

Submission of Audiobook Projects

  • Authors or rights holders kickstart the enchantment by posting their audiobook projects on ACX, providing a brief introduction and audition script for potential narrators.
  • Talented narrators audition for the projects, showcasing their vocal artistry and capturing the essence of the tale.
  • Authors, narrators, and publishers can collaborate and negotiate their terms through ACX’s secure and magical communication portal.

The Audiobook Creation Process

  • Once the magical match between authors and narrators is found, the audiobook production commences.
  • Narrators venture into the mystical realm of the recording studio, infusing life into each character and painting vivid worlds with their voices.
  • ACX provides valuable guidance to ensure the production quality adheres to the highest standards of auditory delight.

Publication and Distribution

  • With the audiobook brought to life, the publisher takes the helm, preparing the final enchantment for its grand release.
  • ACX works its magic again, helping to distribute the finished audiobook to major audiobook platforms, including Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
  • Listeners from all around the world can now immerse themselves in the captivating audiobook, experiencing the story’s magic in a whole new dimension!


  1. Is ACX exclusive to Audible and Amazon?

    While ACX is an Amazon company and offers a direct route to Audible, the platform isn’t entirely exclusive. Authors and publishers can choose to make their audiobooks available on other platforms if they opt for the non-exclusive distribution option.

  2. What are the royalty options for audiobooks on ACX?

    ACX provides two royalty options: the exclusive distribution, which offers higher royalties but restricts distribution to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, and the non-exclusive distribution, which allows authors and publishers to distribute audiobooks through other platforms as well.

  3. How does ACX ensure audiobook quality?

    ACX takes audiobook quality very seriously. The platform offers guidelines and suggestions for production, ensuring that audiobooks maintain the highest standards of performance and audio clarity.

  4. Can I narrate my own audiobook on ACX?

    Absolutely! If you have the voice of a storyteller and the skills to bring characters to life, you can narrate your own audiobook and take the listeners on a personal journey through your words.

  5. Does ACX offer any promotional tools for audiobooks?

    Indeed! ACX offers promotional codes that authors and publishers can use to distribute free copies of their audiobooks, fostering a community of enthusiastic listeners and garnering reviews and feedback.


As we bid farewell to this enchanting exploration of Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), we can’t help but marvel at the magic it has brought to the world of literature and storytelling.

ACX has unlocked a portal where authors, narrators, and publishers unite, weaving enchantments that captivate the hearts of listeners from every corner of the globe.

So, the next time you delve into an audiobook and find yourself lost in its wondrous embrace, remember the behind-the-scenes magic that made it all possible—the magic of Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)!

Let us celebrate this extraordinary platform that continues to sprinkle

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